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Comparing Fees

Is selecting a college or university a financial decision?

A student should always consider the financial impact of their decision when selecting a college or university to attend. The best place to start is to research each college or university that you are interested in and then decide which of your choices will bring the best value. There is also some strategy to it and it is always wise to seek advice before making a decision as important as selecting a college or university. Most colleges and universities will accept “basic” level courses from other colleges and universities allowing a student to be able to take the same requirements for a lower overall cost. The chart below reflects the tuition rates for 2016-2017 for New Mexico universities. It also shows any uncovered balances that a max Pell award will not cover as well as additional money left over for books and other expenses while attending full-time (12 credit hours) at these universities.


2016-2017 Tuition & Fees Rates for NM universities for full-time students




NM Tech



Full-Time (resident)






Full-Time (non-resident)






Max Pell Award (FT)






Refund after Tuition Paid (resident)






Refund after Tuition Paid (non-resident)














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When deciding which college or university to attend after receiving your high school diploma or GED, consider the financial impact it will have on your future and, of course, contact your local financial aid specialist at ENMU-Ruidoso by calling 575-257-2120.


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