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    ENMU-Ruidoso Campus Bookstore



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Phone:         575.257.3010                                                          Toll Free:                     800.934.3668                                                 Fax:                                                                             575.257.4261      


Heather O'Bryant



HOURS:                                                                    Monday - Thursday (8:30am to 5:00pm)

Friday (8:30am to 12:00pm)

Saturday & Sunday (Closed)                       



Education With Altitude!


Virtual Bookstore for Summer 2015 - Opens May 4, 2015 (Distance Ed Students Only)


Coming Fall 2015  ALL textbooks will be available in the Virtual Bookstore for local and Distance Ed Students!
The campus bookstore is in the process of reorganizing.  There will be some major changes by Fall 2015. 

The biggest change will be that we no longer carry textbooks in the bookstore.

All textbooks will be ordered from our Virtual Bookstore. 


Heather & I will be available in the bookstore or by phone, July 21st - August 25th to assist you

with ordering from the Virtual Bookstore! 


Financial Aid is available by using a FA Voucher to purchase your books. 

The voucher will be sent to your ENMU email once your Financial Aid has been put on your student account.


  • Questions about your Virtual Bookstore order, buyback or returning books? Call 800.325.3252.
  • Question about your Financial Aid Voucher:  Call 800.934.3668 or 257.3010 and ask for Heather





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